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Pepper Spray in your mobile is our attempt to strengthen security of women or people in trouble. It is a mobile app that will always be with you in your mobile.

New to Pepper Spray Mobile? Check out our quick one and a half minute video on youtube - Introducing Pepper Spray Mobile.

Pepper Spray Pepper Spray Protectee
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PS Protector Pepper Spray Protector
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  • One touch/tap app start
  • Once started, the app can only be stopped by a pin-code which the person under situation has configured while installing the app
  • Once running, the app sends continues GPS information to a protector app
  • The protector app (which can be installed on your brother, father or friends mobile phone) will display exact GPS location of the person under situation on a google map. This will help you locate exact building or exact location of the moving bus/van.
  • Protector can call police and/or media to seek further help.
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